Dolly getting ready for her re-union.



Originally it was suggested by Doll experts that a replacement head was obtained.

I couldn't do that. So here are the photographs of the, how shall we put it,


'The Beauty salon visit'.


The repairs took longer than we realised as the head was under extreme pressure and wouldn't re-align.

The finishing paint was accurately matched even though my pictures may show a slight difference, mainly due to the differences in lighting when I was taking them.

Not wishing to take away any age related blemishes, knocks or marks that may have provoked certain memories was very difficult but I think this was eventually achieved.

It has certainly been an experience and pleasure working on "Dolly Black".

However I think I will be sticking to making bears in the future.


The pressure of bringing her back to life

for someone who has known her for 60+years was amazing.

But I really enjoyed the,

(if a little tearful),

re-union of a now grown up little girl

with her  Dolly.





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