What to do with a relatives Fur coat can be a daunting decision to make as it is nowadays, quite rightly, in some respects, politically incorrect to wear Fur.
However, old photo's showing the coat, or any fur item being worn or memories of special occasions when it was worn can bring a lump to the throat and deter the throwing away of these once prized possessions. They then sit in attics, lofts, backs of wardrobes never to be on show again. That is until they are moth eaten and so badly damaged that they are discarded.

Just occasionally I am asked if I could make a Bear from a loved one's Fur coat.

The first time I was asked was by a truly wonderful Lady of 81 or 82 years of age - Jenny. She had "her" Grannies fur coat in layers of tissue in an old battered suitcase. Concerned for the memories which were important to her she asked me if I could make just 1 bear from Grannies coat.

I will be honest here because I don't wear fur or even approve of Fur coats as a fashion statement.
But, I do know what it is like to miss someone dear to me and I will move heaven and earth to remember those memories. By whatever means necessary.
So I could see Jenny's reasoning behind the Bear and agreed to try to make a special bear from the mink coat.
My Husband had the job of stripping the coat down - but - seeing the label he googled it and a Company in London bought fur coats and shipped them abroad. They offered 3500 sight unseen, they did ask some questions about wear, faults etc first but 3500.
I went back to Jennie and she said - and it will stick in my mind " I have everything I need - house paid for - I have no need for the money, I would just like a bear from grannies coat."
So a bear was made - definitely a steep learning curve.
Result was 1 beautiful bear which still holds all the right memories.
Jenny did get in touch to say that the family was arguing who would be left the bear when Jenny passes on - she found that very amusing as everybody in her family had originally said the fur coat should have been burned, but it also sparked an interest in a long forgotten member of the family whose photo's would probably have been discarded with "no idea who she was" by the grandchildren.

Jenny named her Bear "Lois" and Lois is on the Commissioned Bears page of this site. Not a particularly good photo - but a wonderful bear.

So, I do make Heirloom Bears for people.
I don't agree with fur coats but will help preserve memories of family - loved ones if I am asked to by turning the item into a cherished memory.