An Introduction to Barrel Bears.



 My interest in making Bears was gained through attending a college course which was taken by Carrie Attwood a well known Prominent Bear Artist who traded back in the late 90's and early 2000's as Whitley Woods and lately as Sleeping Elf which is dedicated to ball joint dolls.

All of my bears are designed and created by myself and each Bear is individually thought out regarding the fabric, colour, appearance, style and hug ability.

In the time I have been making bears I have settled on a core design whereby some part of each bear is needle-felted, be it just the nose or the whole muzzle, the paws or the tongue or even the eyelids.

The ears on ALL of my bears are jointed, this is to allow them to be moved to define the expression and identifies them as "Barrel Bears" this is my signature.

By using a variety of fabrics which includes mohair, alpaca, silk mix and luxury synthetic fur the bears seems to come to life when I view the fabric, it is almost as if the bear is in there just waiting to be released.

For the needle felting I use either the fleece from Merino or English Corriedale sheep.

Only the best fillings will do for my Bears, plastic pellets and steel shot are used for added weight.

 If you are ever at one of my future shows and would like to know more then please just ask.