This page is specially dedicated to the Commission Bears I have made previously.



Made from a variety of fabrics.

Including Coney, Beaver Lamb, Mink and Faux Furs.


Below I am proud to present Lois.

Now Lois was a Very Special commission for a Very special admirer of my bears. After hearing about my Bears this lady, (who I believe is now in her eighties), asked, if I could possibly make her a bear from her Grand-mothers 1920's Vintage Mink coat. 

Knowing it is politically incorrect nowadays to wear fur coats she wanted a family heirloom to hand down. A much better proposition than a fur coat which would probably never get worn again or possibly even thrown away due to it being real fur.

Even though I had already made 2 or 3 commissions from Coney, 1970's Rabbit fur coats, I still found this quite a daunting prospect. 

Luckily the coat was in perfect condition for the job.

This was going to be a Family Heirloom so it had to appeal to all members of her Family. So, after much designing, altering and planning here is the finished bear.

I am proud to call her a Barrel Bear.




Below is Henry.

I was proud to be asked by my Father to make a bear befitting his requirements.

He wanted a luxurious bear to go into his Rolls Royce Silver Spirit which he takes to Classic Car Shows.

Henry is holding a cushion with a printed picture of Sir Henry Royce which I also made.

Made from a 1950's Beaver-Lamb fur.





This is a Wedding Bear. Named by the Bride to be:- Taylor. 

Cross-stich was used on the paw pads and made from a specially selected Faux fur.